Garden by the Bay II: Flower Dome

Friday, June 07, 2013
We begin exploring Succulent Garden Seascape and I could really, I mean really pull one succulent out and bring it home. Been searching for the perfect mini succulent for the longest time and it always comes down to being the wrong species or out of shape. But they have the perfect ones here, and seriously it wouldn't make a different if I took the smallest one away.

The other areas didn't really capture my attention and I thought the Tulips Festival would be a big deal but sadly it was a disappointment. The field of Tulips was pathetically small, and we were so dumb like typical Singaporeans to queue up without knowing what's the line for. Took half an hour of our time and we were mad hungry, stomach was growling like crazy. Manage to snap a few pictures of the tulips field and we head off for dinner.