L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Boosting Essence

Saturday, June 22, 2013

L’Oreal Paris offers a wide ranges of skincare solutions and each one of their products are developed and rigorously tested with leading scientists. Indulge yourself in a luxurious and sensorial skincare experience that uses cutting-edge innovations, proven by Science. Wonder how actresses such as Rui En keep her skin looking good and camera-ready all the time despite her busy schedule?
Her secret weapon: Youth Code Boosting Essence!
Today, Rui En takes on a new role as the latest Singaporean spokesperson for L'Oreal Paris Dermo-Expertise's star product, Youth Code Boosting Essence. With her faith strongly place in Youth Code, Rui En now joins the prestigious ranks of international celebrities including Gong Li, Li Bing Bing, and Fan Bing Bing in celebrating the essential and unique capability of Youth Code.

Like many woman, we all pay extra attention to our skin and I'm sure most of us have a beauty regime we sticked to it. However, no matter how well some products work at first, their results start reducing over time. Contrary to beliefs, changing your skincare does not make your regime more effective when the roots cause is your skin's absorption ability. The real problem lies not in the products; but that the skin loses its absorption power over time.

As a result, many of us own multiple bottles and tubs of half-used serums and moisturisers. Hence, Nuffnang and L'Oreal organised an Instagram contest and challenged girls to submit photos of all the skincare products they own on their vanity table and the estimated amount they had spent on their products, and a call for help with the hash-tag, #savemywallet.

A total of ten winning photos will be selected, and each go these girls will be reward with a L'Oreal Youth Code Boosting Essence and product hamper worth S$300! For those who are interested, quickly submit your entries and check the outcome of the #savemywallet Instagram contest here.

Pro-GenTM Technology in Youth Code Boosting Essence boosts gene activity of skin (In-vitro tests), restoring skin's optimum natural recovery capabilities and amplifying the effects of other skincare products.

Secret Ingredient:
Pro-GenTM Technology refers to the ingredient, Bifida Germent Lysate, which accelerates the expression of recovery genes to help boost skin's recovery power. It increases the expression of recovery genes involved in cellular renewal, this speeding up the action go sluggish recovery gene in ageing skin.

Adenosine, long known to be a constitutive component of DNA slows the effects of ageing in skin.

Hepes(Hydorxy Ethyl Piperazine Ethane Sulfonic Acid) gently exfoliates skins with its pro-ecfoloiating action.

Youth Code Boosting Essence is a quick penetrating pre-serum that boosts your skin's absorption power, ensuring that your skin takes in the active ingredients in your subsequent skincare. This way, you can double the effectiveness of your skincare products without tossing out a thing.

When used alone, this products makes your skin smoother and softer from the very first drop. In a week, your skin texture improves and in a month, your skin looks more youthful and rejuvenated and you see more visible results from your skincare.

The great thing is you can use it with any skincare product so you don't have to toss out your current skincare products!

Instruction Usage:
As a pre-serum, it should be incorporated into a skincare regime recommended such as: Cleanse, Tone, Boost (with Youth Code Boosting Essence), Treat(Serum, Essence, Spot Treatment or even Eye products), Moisturise, UV Protection. This sequence ensures that skin is 'prepped' for the absorption of the active ingredients in your skincare products.

Price & Availability:
Retails for S$39.90 at leading retailers including Watsons, Guardian, SASA, select Department stores, major supermarkets and hypermarkets.
In the month of June 2013, customers will enjoy a 20% discount off for Youth Code Boosting Essence.

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