S.E.A Aquarium

Saturday, August 24, 2013
I was in awe when I first step into the undersea tunnel, the entire place was amazing. The place was overcrowded with people, like literally human jam. So we just sat at the bench and chill for while Michelle was practically taking photo of every fish swimming by her. We also discover the trick to taking great photos in under lightning environment, but we are so ashamed to share it with people and ended up not having any group photo.

The jellyfish are one of my favourite, especially the tiny ones! I was secretly hoping that the larger jellyfishes's tentacles will get tangle up with one another, like seriously! The whole exhibition was very big, didn't expect spending around three hours inside just walking and admiring the sea creatures. I took so many photos, didn't upload all of them because I don't want to overfilled my blog. Anyway, this place totally worth the price, a must visit attraction.