Mu Parlour

Sunday, September 22, 2013
Mu Parlour | 16A Lorong Mambong | +65 6466 9336

Hidden within the cluster of restaurants in the area, this cafe was located on the second floor, making it harder to find. In the daytime, the cafe serve desserts and food and by nightfall, the third level will serve as a bar. The entire place was really cosy and with all the gorgeous looking furniture, it was extremely enjoyable to look at (although the third floor frightens me). The Cheeseburger No. 1 ($15) was pretty decent, the juice from the beef patties explodes in my mouth when I bite into it. The bun could probably use a little toasting before serving because it was so mushy and soft to my liking. I also enjoy the garlic infused fries. The Mu Breakfast ($16) was disappointing. The first poach egg was overcooked and the bread just didn't go well together. The portion size was pretty big and with the perfect lighting environment, this place is suitable to take photos.