The Tiramisu Hero Cafe

Monday, October 28, 2013
The Tiramisu Hero | 121 Tyrwhitt Road | +65 6292 5271

A project by a local blogger whom I truly admire, and ever since she made the announcement, I have been anticipating the launch of this cafe. The interior and exterior of the entire place looks amazing! The effort put into the decorations alone is worth praising. From the ladders and light bulbs hanging from the ceiling to the numerous drawings on the wall shows the hard work the owners have put in. On the contrary, the food were pretty average. The Chocolate Lava Cake ($11.50) was probably the best dish I had that night, not perfect but tasty. A pretty pricey Waffle with Gelato ($10) which tasted more like lousy quality ice-cream to me. MiniHero ($3.50) was rather bland to me and I was so glad they ran out of the bigger size tiramisu I wanted to get initially. The food might be average but the ambience is great to hang out with friends.