Typo Disposable Camera

Wednesday, November 20, 2013
The thing about film photography is, the amount of time required to finish a single roll of film, for me, is a year. Even for the twenty-four exposure shots rolls and I still have two other cameras loaded up with film. Received this as a christmas present (last year), and I managed to finish it up within the spam of two days. Probably because the quality for film are generally lower, thus, resulting in the clear complexion everyone has, despite the flashlight. The borders or frames are one of the features this camera has. Not very nice though, but nevertheless, the price for this camera is simply cheap thrill.

On a side note, holidays are here! I finally have the time to do the things I love; drawing,  photography, and cafe hopping. Going to utilised my time to the maximum even at the expense of my beauty sleep.