Windowsill Pies

Wednesday, December 04, 2013
Windowsill Pies | 78 Horne Road | +65 9004 7827

After contemplating for about a year, I finally managed to visit this cafe. Known for their pies and the interior design of the cafe, the place look adorable with the Christmas atmosphere due to the conical tree display. The first pie we ordered was Grasshopper ($7.50), a flour less chocolate cake base topped with fresh mint cream. The taste of mint was too overpowering resulting in a really, really bitter cream. Thankfully, the second pie was a lot better. The Banana Almond Brittle ($7) was served with sweet banana mousse, salty caramel and crunchy nut. It was pretty decent, and I quite like it, especially the caramel nuts at the bottom of the pie. However, the crust was more similar to a tart rather than a pie, pretty disappointing but it's still worth a shot.