Ice Edge Cafe

Monday, March 24, 2014
Ice Edge Cafe | 2 Kovan Road, Simon Plaza #01-10 | +65 6585 5729

Was fortunate enough to secure a table just before the dinner crowd came. We ordered two pasta and one side dish to share among two, and later regret because the portion size for each dishes were too much for us. However, we continue to stuffed ourselves till we almost clear the food. The Tom Yum Seafood Linguine, as the name stated, was rich with aroma. Definitely not as strong as the original, but good enough as a fusion dish. The second pasta was the Seafood Ink Spaghetti, which I prefer over the first. It was flavourful with a hint of bitterness from the squid ink. One of the best squid ink pasta I have tasted so far. The only headache was how your teeth and mouth gets stained, resulting in a hideous black smile. With a few mouth gaggle, most of the stain will be gone, so no worries. Lastly, I wish the Buffalo Wings (S$10.90) could be more spicy, but overall the taste was quite good. I could not remember the exact price for the pasta, but they were ranging between fifteen to twenty bucks.