River HongBao 2014

Saturday, March 15, 2014
On the eve of Lunar New Year, I head over to River Hongbao after reunion dinner. The last time I went there was back when in Secondary school. How time flies. They have extended the area of entertaiment with more games and invited guest performance coming all the way from China. Tried the famous Taiwan popsicle ice cream which got me hooked on to it, and I went to buy several more the next week. I also bought grill squid that tasted horribly bad. The squid was dried and overcooked with not much flavour to it. The ones I had in Chinatown was much better. Anyhow, the highlight of that night were the fireworks! The explosive went on like forever. The amount of photos I took cannot be compared to the ones I posted here. The crowd gathered to watch the performance was crazily massive. Speaking to strangers and squeezing in to the last bus was fun and exhausting. Overall a great experience to welcome the new year.