Smena 8m

Sunday, April 20, 2014
These were taken with Smena 8m by Russian using Kodax 400 film.

Four years ago, I purchase this camera from for about $30USD. The excitement when I first got hold of it was short-lived. The occasional impact the parcel received during the shipping process must have cause some of the parts to come loose, which resulted in a broken shutter. I went to several shops trying to get it fix but was turned down by all the shop owners telling me it is better off purchasing a brand new camera instead. Despite all the disheartened words, I went home and spent hours racking my brain and hands, finally, I fixed the camera. Screw those who give up on hope.

The camera was first used in March last year; visiting USS for the third time to celebrate a friend's birthday, touring Tiong Bahru area for the first time and discovering the different types of cafes and kinky shops they offer, a short weekend cruise with the family to Redang Island, a few random outings, and finally, finishing the roll of film at my birthday celebration in March. Took me exactly a year to complete this roll, and I am quite satisfied with the results even though a few images were blur.