My 22nd Birthday Celebration

Monday, June 16, 2014
 My initial thought was to have small gathering with my closest girlfriends but after receiving opinions and much consideration, I ended up inviting much more than I have expected. The whole planning and preparing was done in a short span of two weeks, every thing were so last minute and was probably one of my most stressful moment in life. I wanted the entire event to be perfect but soon I figured it won't be possible. Sigh. An experience I will not commit ever again unless with the help of a professional. Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself despite being so busy and stressful at the same time.

Prepping was the toughest. Getting ready the decorations in the blazing hot sun and fighting with the occasional strong wind to keep the decorations in place was well, annoying. Perspiring like crazy and getting sun burned for a few hours were worth it, all went well during the photo taking session. A little pity the photo quality taking at night were so bad. Sigh, I need a better lens and body and boy do I miss my long hair (I don't really think it is till I achieve my desire butt length hair). The entire event pass quickly and was left with so much food we had to throw them away. The sudden ringing of the door bell make me unable to bathe with the door close, and the second time it rang later in the night scared the shit out of me, but it turns out to be a surprise visit from the staff to present me with a slice of cake. Thank you Felicia and Huinan for arranging this.

Moving on, I would like to express my gratitude to every one who came and wishes me. Apologies for the mosquitoes bites happened during the stay as well. Thank you for taking the time to travel all the way to Sentosa to celebrate my humble birthday celebration. A big thank you to my friends who assist me with the decorations, as well as my family, especially my Dad who has to make multiple trips to and fro. I hope all of you had somewhat a good time despite me not being able to mingle with all of you. I finally understand how difficult it is to socialise when all your different groups of friends are present at the same time.