Staycation: Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa II

Saturday, June 21, 2014
Dragged ourself out of bed and freshen up with a cup of tea before heading out for breakfast. All thanks to connection, our breakfast were for one for one. Settled for an outdoor table since it was too cold and we wanted a nicer view. Enjoyed a hearty breakfast, along with a peahen that adds to the environment . Life's good. After filling our stomach, we went back to the room for a change and head off to their sky pool. The view was amazing, and I was so glad we had the pool to ourself. Had so much fun soaking under the sun and doing lots of cannonball until I vomited. Yes, I vomited. In the pool. Only only little but it was pretty disgusting. Chill awhile in our own personal jacuzzi but decided head back to the much bigger pool. Returned to the room, bathed, packed and checked out. Back to reality for us. Missed the big comfy bed and overhead ceiling shower. Can't wait for another stay cation.