Singapore River Safari

Thursday, July 31, 2014
Was so excited about this place ever since the announcement made in 2012. Standing from a point of overviewing the trees and the river, the image was breathtaking. The animals on the other hand, were typical, except for a few, the rest are meh. Do anyone agree with me that the red panda are a lot more adorable and enjoyable to watch than regular panda?? Those two little things were so engrossed taking treats from the keeper, I just want to hug them tightly. The pandas, Kaikai & Jiajia are in the same enclosed area and one was sleeping while the other was busy eating, couldn't differential them though. Anyway, the one who was awake was clever to move to a higher ground in order to allow the visitors to have a clearer view. Managed to snapped a couple good shots of the fat and greedy looking bear before leaving. This time round, I had to give the famous bear cafe a miss because we had to rush to catch the boat ride. The ride was fun, sadly they had to fenced up the flamingos, making them less obvious. The rest of the route and animals were boring, nevertheless, there are a handful of animals fun to watch.