Starcruise SuperStar Gemini I

Saturday, August 09, 2014
A short weekend cruise in May. Minimal photos because the ship is really too small, the spaces were cramped up. On a positive note, they have a lot more shops to browse at, plenty of beauty boutique stores and the prices were really low so I brought back a couple of products. Probably the few happy things for this trip, other than the food of course. Never ending food, and the amount of bread & butter, curry & rice I consume were crazy. I was forever hungry. It's funny how I was always the only one heading to the vegetarian section (for the curry) since every one else assume that section caters for vegetarian Indians. Please! All kinds of curry taste good, forgo the usual chicken curry and try something new for a change. Did I mention I was also the only one sunbathing on the deck as well? Everyone else were looking and staring at me. Nevertheless, I miss the weather at international sea. Low humidity and the blazing sun were so good for a tan and a nap.