Hai Di Lao Hot Pot

Sunday, September 21, 2014
Hai Di Lao | 3D Building, Level 2, River Valley Road | +65 6337 8626

Decided not to blog about food because I want to be able to enjoy the food while its still hot instead of snapping photos. However, since this place is so highly rated, I had to capture shots just for the memory. Highly advise people to book a reservation even if it's not peak hours. The service is seriously top notch no joke quality, all the service attendant, including the guy who was making noodles were extremely friendly. Definelty not camera shy. Moving on to the food, one word, good. It was my first time eating steamboat without dipping sauce since the food were well flavour and fresh. The food has retain the flavour of the broth very well, my favourite food was the shrimp paste, seriously a must order. In addition, they freaking provide toiletries. I was ecstatic when I know there are floss and toothbrush to clean my teeth. Highly recommend this place, one perfect food location.