Picnic at Marina Barrage II

Friday, September 26, 2014
It's been so long since I use my digital camera, having an iPhone makes life much less heavy. Anyway, after such a long time (a year to be precise), this long awaited picnic finally happened last month. Went early in the morning and the weather was scorching hot but we're so glad we managed to secure a shady spot. We had so much food we had to throw them away. It was good, especially the salad. Meeting Sotong for the first time was entirely different as compare to photos and videos of him, such a pleasant dog until it started barking, where he made a toddle cried. Quite funny though, watching people getting a shock from Sotong's bark while walking by. It was a morning well spent despite the weather.

Totally got my blogging mood back, boy do I miss it.