Montigo Resort Nongsa

Tuesday, October 14, 2014
Back in August, visited the place with the beautiful villas and sea view. The journey was quick, a boat ride followed by a land transferred, altogether it took about an hour. Was greeted by the friendly staffs, serving us with a warm towel and a lemongrass drink. The weather was good till a heavy downpour surprised us half way through lunch, ground shaking thunder and blinder lightning. Gone was the Sun and the tanning session I was so looking forward to. Just chilled and slacked in the freezing cold private pool with my traveling partner instead. Thank you for being my photographer and hairdresser for the day. Taking mandatory poses that I was unable to do it before, but now, I am getting better at them. Anyhow, we were staving by the time we washed up but because dinner was not ready, we decided to head out to buy some snacks. And the moment I realise how dark it was outside, I literally froze. Total pitch black. Lots of scary thoughts ran through my mind and with only two of us in the entire villa, we both got scared. Much fear was gone when the buggy came to picked us up. Spend the night watching a French movie while munching on A&W before heading to bed. Woke up with wide spread breakfast buffet that are much love by most people. Grilled tomatoes and bacon please. A short and quick trip was very much enjoyable, a much needed rest from work and school.