Hong Kong 2014 I

Sunday, January 04, 2015
Catching the sunrise and having two seats for myself on the plane was fantastic. Hong Kong welcome us with it's cool weather, nothing more I could ask for other than the twenty-four hour of free air-conditioner. The beef balls, smoked duck and cold noodles were probably the only street food I enjoyed. Went to queue for the famous Jenny Bakery and it was insane. I queued for almost an hour and how many tins did I end up with? Two. Pathetic two small tins because that was the limit they set for that day. Meh. The cookies were not worth the hype at all, normal butter cookies and the attitude of their workers were pretty screw up.The buildings in Hong Kong were so packed and cramped up together, imagine how small the inside would be. Walked from Tsim Sha Tsui to Prince Edward was no joke, tiring. My legs were aching at the end of day one. I almost died on day two, ankles aching, emotional drained as well, practically has no mood and was feeling so down on the entire night and the next day.