Hong Kong 2014 II

Thursday, January 15, 2015
A locally known place for dinner to have the famous pigeon. Gosh, I miss eating that juicy and tender meat so much. Singapore should kill those overcrowding pigeons, I hate them. Travelled all the way to IFC mall just to satisfied my sweet tooth. Pierre Hermes, you are so precious and expensive I am so going to treasured the box. By the way, it cost five freaking Singapore bucks for one, most expensive one to date, don't even taste fantastic. Oh well, totally a sucker for food. After which, head out East to visit Sai Kung jetty. The weather was so cold and windy, I was freezing to death, only at that moment I totally regretted wearing so little. The highlight of this whole trip has got to be this place. Amazing. Lots of dogs were walking around and most were super fluffy looking. Mad adorable. The main attraction of the place were the fishing boats, where customers get to purchase seafood directly and get any restaurants to cook them for you. Much cheaper and fresher but it was the most expensive dinner we had. Hong Kong was great, love the weather and food. Eating ice-cream in the cold, finding out pedicure services are different from Singapore, did my first ever foot massage and I actually find it enjoyable. Found a cafe all on my own with the help of google map and I realise I am so bad at understanding the app. Oh, I gain a total of three kilograms from a four days trip, imagine the amount of calories I've intake despite pooping twice daily. All in all, I am so thankful to have a companion so well-versed in Cantonese, making this trip a breeze for me. I miss the twenty-four hour air-condition days.