Nikon N80

Saturday, March 14, 2015
Nikon N80 taken with Kodak Gold 400

Purchased the camera over at two years back and I finally used it. Description in accordance to the images order. Went over to Revelry for lunch because I want to check out the cafe since the the theme is elephants and their waffles with fried chicken cutlet received pretty good reviews. Desserts at Carpenter and Cook. Random snippets at City Hall area. Mona Lisa exhibition held at Arts House in Singapore. Photography trip over at Lavender area and The Stadium, which I gained so much knowledge along the way. Lunar New Year countdown at the chaotic Chinatown district. Cousin Aimin. Fireworks at Chinatown. Beloved Popo. Cousins Emily and Jinying. Cousin Emily. Myself. Group shot with Cousin Emily and my brother. Group shot with Cousins Edmund, Emily, Euguene, my brother, and substituting Cousins Edric and Clarinda with a drawing portrait of them, who are currently far away in Europe. Little girl with Cousin Junjie. Random snippets from my room.