Taiwan Taipei Solo Trip 2015 II

Tuesday, April 07, 2015
Taipei Main Station is quite similar to Singapore's Dhoby Ghaut Station, just a lot bigger and confusing. I had a difficult time finding the correct platform to Ruifang Station, but I managed to reach Shifen with the help of whatapps's voice recording messages from a friend and several passerby. The train ride was pleasant, observing the passengers on board and the surroundings. The countryside seems better, with the beautiful sceneries and buildings. A pity I couldn't captured the image on a moving train. Sigh. Anyway, the temperature was cooler over at Shifen, mad love. Tried the sweet potato and corn, both taste so freaking good. Sky lantern is their well known activity but since I don't do tourist stuff and my main purpose was to visit the waterfall, I skipped that. Please do note that all things (e.g. lanterns, balloons) have to end somewhere. Most at seas, which can harm the sea creatures and affect the ecosystem. I clearly don't support it and I suggest people shouldn't as well, even if it's for photo taking purposes. Moving on, the waterfall was a thirty minutes walk away so I opted for a five minute cab ride instead. I was in awe the moment I saw it up close. Seriously too gorgeous. Literally a breathtaking view. One of my favourite place in Taipei, but take note of the train timing, I missed mine and have to wait for another hour.