Taiwan Taipei Solo Trip 2015 III

Saturday, April 11, 2015
Favourite place in Taipei has got to be Jiufen. Something about being higher up in the mountains and surrounded by tea parlours make me so reluctant to leave. Despite the constant wind blowing on to your face and freezing your hands up, it still feels like paradise to me. I could spend my whole day just sipping tea and reading. The alleys are a little confusing, walking down steep steps to the toilet and I survived even though the whole place was so eerie. Not much stuff in terms of food or shopping, except for a few like tea egg, grilled mushrooms and dragonfruits. Speaking of which, Taiwan is known for their fresh fruits and I guess it's true. It's expensive though, like more than twice the price compare to Singapore, nevertheless, best ones I've eaten. I only went to two night markets in Taiwan; Shilin and Shida. The former is much bigger, have more food and things to shop but I prefer the latter. Probably due to the new friend I made who lived in that area, bringing me around and introducing the good food, which I actually succumbed and tried smelly tofu. Me don't fancy it but I love their crepes and braised food. The museum's boring. Nice architecture but have nothing much to look at except for the marching of the guards.