Taiwan Taipei Solo Trip 2015 IV

Sunday, April 19, 2015
Spent one full day around Taipei 101 district to shopping. I love how the country has H&M Home and Zara Home, a total sucker for home decor, especially plates. Wanted to get lots of stuff, but the chances of exceeding my baggage allowance stopped me. If only it's available in Singapore. Sigh. The wind was strong and raining that afternoon, but I braved all of them just to captured an image of Taipei 101. Quite meh. Braised Pork on Rice (Ru Rou Fan) is on my "Must Eat Food" and I have really high expectations for it. Sadly enough, I was disappointed. Tasteless, bland, all fats. Where is the meat? Anyway, macarons from a lovely cafe in Dongmen District, an area I highly recommend to cafes hoppers. Tons of cafes and quirky shops to explore. Zhongxiao Dunhua District is another place to explore, have to walk a distance from the station though. Even though I lived in Ximending area, it was only on my last day did I explored. There are many shops but nothing to buy, since all of them sells similar items. Feeling pretty down about leaving and heading back home. Not surprised, I was again late to board the plane. Always have to rush despite reaching the airport early. Had an empty seat beside me so I was able to sleep more comfortably and finally reached Singapore after a forty minutes delayed. All I want was my bed and missing the twenty-four hours air-conditioned temperature.