Camera Lens: Canon 24mm f2.8 STM

Monday, May 18, 2015
When you have a new lens, you whip out your camera and have a mini photoshoot session. I practically spent the whole afternoon baking, preparing, shooting, and editing. Life's good like this. 

Initially, I was considering getting a mirrorless lens camera but the one I wanted cost triple the price of an entry-level dslr, so I rather just stick with my Canon 650D. Getting new lenses are kind of necessary if you want own a dslr and these are the types of lenses I have in mind: Fisheye, portrait, or wide-angled lens. I almost bought a third-party fisheye lens, before the brother says it's so ugly and keep telling me not to get it. I guess some people just don't fancy the distorted image (bulging out in the middle) it produced. Second type is the most popular lenses in the market, the 50mm lens. Thoughts of venturing into street photography came to mind and this lens works best for portrait taking. However, my heart says landscapes instead of people (hate candids) so the only option I am left with is a wide-angled lens. They don't come cheap, especially the better ones. The one I gotten cost much cheaper than the rest of the 24mm range since it doesn't have an image stabilisation. Not a significant factor unless you're using it on video mode. Photos above were taken with the new lens and more will be posted onto my Instagram over the next few weeks. Not much different from my usual kit lens (18mm-55mm), just a little more closed up and have a slightly better dept of field. I am loving the aperture when it comes to macro shots! Additionally, prime lenses tends to capture better quality photo but the most important point; it weighs lighter and smaller in size! Much easier to bring it out with me and stuff it in my bag, which gives me more reason to blog and stop complain about how heavy it weigh.

Anyhow, I don't take selfies often but when I do, it's for a good reason. Curl hair. Love-hate relationship with them because the ends tend to feel like public hair. Seriously, it does. No joke. I am bored with my current hair style but it seems like there's not a single way of changing it without me regretting it later on. Sigh. How now brown cow?