Picnic at Singapore Botanic Garden I

Wednesday, May 27, 2015
An impromptu picnic with the girls. We decided we wanted something special. From flowers, to sandwiches wrapped in printed paper, to fancy straws, and all the scrumptious food, all of us do what we can and contributed to this pretty setup. When it comes to photo taking, it wasn't as easy as we thought. Since we were all barefooted, we can't stepped out of the mat. Only hang out for awhile due to the distraction from the creepy crawlies and birds pooping (fortunately it's the solid kind) on to us. I experienced my first monopod photo taking that day. Hate to admit this, but that embarrassing stick really does the job. At that moment, I was a little obsessed with it, it make selfies so much easier and prettier. I also understood why people love candid photos, it captures the natural and happy expression the person. Like how I was telling them to look each other in the eye while I capture the shot, but we ended up bursting with laughter.