Malaysia Johor Bahru Day Trip I

Tuesday, June 23, 2015
Malaysia is the best place to have a short getaway from Singapore, and Johor being the top list for a day trip. With the exchange rate benefiting Singapore, all the more reason to cross over the border. Went over around noon time and the queue was madness. I have never experience that amount of people before, it was so crowded and it took us two hours just to clear immigration. Returning back to Singapore was the same. We totally YOLO and choose to walk across the bridge instead of queuing up for the bus, but we only walk about fifty metres before a van stopped and offer a ride.  Kind souls do exist! So obviously we took the offer and hitched a ride because we couldn't locate the pathway for pedestrian and walking in the dark, alongside with the vehicles is pure suicide.

Most people should know that everything cost much, much lesser over there. So doing nails and eating are mandatory. Cabbing is the best mode of transport, just negotiate the price beforehand or opt for metered price. Every time I am there, the must eat food are Magnum Gold and Blackball. It so good it puts Singapore's outlet to shame, which is why I stop patronising them. This time round, someone recommended us to try the sushi from the supermarket at KSL. The whole experience feels like freaking mentaiko bursting in your mouth and it's more than just good, it's cheap and delicious.

Visited two cafes that day; Art Gallery 52 and The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen. The first one served only drinks and desserts, didn't try any so can't comment on it. The place looks cool though, served as an art gallery on both levels, while a little corner on level two is dedicated to the cafe. Is it just me or do most cafes specialise in coffee? I don't drink coffee but ordering teabag tea seems dumb. Why can't people appreciate the art of tea and open up tea parlour that offers loose tea leaves. Sigh. Anyhow, the churros at the latter cafe taste horrible, overcooked and badly fried crispy dough just doesn't taste right. On side note, the setup of the place is lovely. Simple and white, though the lighting's a bit dim and florescent. More cafes are opening up in Johor, most of them located along Jalan Dhoby and walking distances from City Square. Will return soon to try the rest out.