Pink Dot 2015

Wednesday, July 08, 2015
The yearly Pink Dot event was held at Hong Lim Park last month and it was my first time attending. With so many people dressed in pink, by following them, you will find your way. So excited and thrilled to have everyone being so "patriotic' dressing so similarly, it was like a mini National Day. The actual event begins at four but most people went earlier to have a picnic. Wiser to come early, otherwise all the good seats on the grass patch will be taken. We've got a pretty good decent view of the stage but we could hardly see anything since everyone were standing and blocking the view. The performances were kind of boring though, just singing. There were so many dogs hanging around, ultimate cuteness please. Not forgetting the countless number of good-looking people, such a pity most of them have different interest. Overall, I had fun. The company was great. Twenty-eight thousands of us standing together, lighting up our flashlights as one and the aftermath was incredible.

Moving on to the controversial topic, LGBT. Congratulations to the citizens in the United States as President Obama passed the bill for same-sex marriage. Frankly speaking, it came as a shock to me. I did not expect it to happen so quickly. First and foremost, my stand on this is I neither support nor am I against it. I have always been a neutral party when it comes to topics like these or politics. To me, it is more on accepting them as part of the society and the purpose of the event was to raise awareness of LGBT. There's no denying that more and more people are coming out from the closet and I believe, they finally feel comfortable about letting others know about this side of them. Singapore might happen in ten years time, or never since the government and the people are really rigid about it. The older generations definitely disapprove(got to wait till they pass on), but we also have people from the younger generation who disapprove.

Homophobic can be excused since everyone have they own fears, but people who despise or hate them have no rights at all. Why do you hate them? Does their actions/interest affected you in any way that could raise such emotions against them? A good example would be; I hate smokers because they pollute the air I am breathing in, which make me a second-hand smoker that increases my chances of developing lung cancer. I am sure no LGBTs can produce such negative effect towards someone, so be gone. I know the bible does not approve as well, but to all the haters/everyone, please read John 8:1-11. Basically, you cannot condemn someone unless you yourself are free from sins. I am sure every single one of us can't be that holy, thus, you have no rights to judge them at all. Many say it's a choice but I think it's more than just that. Studies(although not intensively) have shown that it could be genetics and people have difference preferences for various things. Some love durians, others hate it. Some prefer dogs over cats and vice versa. People should not blame them for their preference, it's their own life and if they are happy with it, let them be. Shouldn't we let them have the happiness they deserve? Instead of denying them, we should learn to accept them for who they are, for they are people just like you and I.

This is a really long post and I just want to share how I feel so no hard feelings. Anyway, these two articles comes from two different individuals, which I think are quite good and you should check them out: Shakira and Bryan.

Remember, love is love.