Singapore's 50th National Day

Sunday, August 09, 2015
Happy Birthday Singapore! So glad my friend's brother managed to scored two tickets for the preview of National Day Parade. Totally warms my heart to see everyone so patriotic, all dressed in red & white just for the occasion. It's my first time attending the parade at Padang so I was really looking forward to it. We were perspiring like crazy since we had to wait under the hot sun for more than hour before the parade commerce. Rummaging through the fun pack because I was super eager to apply the 'tattoo' on to my cheeks. Bearing Singapore's flag on for face for the entire day. Looking forward to the star-shaped ballon light and mine had to be broken when I opened it out. Sad is my life but at least there's two empty seats beside my so cheers to more space. Super excited for the singing performance as well, because there's so many good singers in this year's parade, The Sam Willows, Stephanie Sun, JJ Lin, and Kit Chan. Furthermore, all the good old songs were being used instead of the recent ones. Guess nothing beats Home. It was pretty nostalgic watching all the veterans marching in old uniforms, must have felt really, really proud to represent Singapore again. 

The Singapore Air Force's performance were the most outstanding and by far the best they had for the past forty-nine years. I thought this year will be the first time a female sky diver is parachuting down, but apparently my information was wrong. Sadly, the view from Padang was not fantastic at all, blocked by the bleachers. Anyhow, magnificent displayed of the fighter planes, especially the one where they flew in five and zero digits. Totally in awed.

All the performances from various organisations and singers were showcased in last section. The adorable, tiny, little stick figures running around the field were actually students from primary school. It was so funny seeing their outfits lighting up in a different colour, while desperately trying to switch to the correct one. Totally enjoy the parade and singing along with everyone, quite impress that I actually know every single one of the songs played that night. This parade is uniquely Singapore, truly feels like home and the best in fifty year. The only downside, you are blocked from the fireworks display happening at the floating platform. Sigh. Mega ultra disappointed. No point getting your camera ready when there's nothing for you to shoot. Nevertheless, best performance! The programmer has done a really good job for incorporating all the old stuff into this year's theme, truly one of the best parade I have ever witnessed.