Starcruise SuperStar Gemini II

Thursday, October 15, 2015
A short cruise back in August. The last I've been on board was ages ago. I remember I used to go on a cruise at lease twice a month, all thanks to my Mum who loves the casino. This time round, the ship port was at Klang, Malaysia for a day. Headed down to try the famous Bak Ku Teh and I must say, the dried version was so much better than the usual soup version. I love the fragrance and the spiciness from the dried chilli they stir-fried with, just delicious (not the fats though), definitely a must try if you drop by Klang. We headed off to a mega mall, which was so boring we just slacked at Starbucks instead and make use of the free wifi available. Dinner was back on the ship and I spent the entire night (till sunrise) in the casino. Totally peer pressure. Personally, I hate gambling. Being in a casino (not forgetting all the second-hand smoking) and looking at the reaction of people disgust me. Seriously. The hideous expression, reaction, and the things they do are pure stupidity. As if rubbing a card gives you the value you wanted. Anyhow, like I mention before, not only was I watching, but playing as well. I know, contradicting myself. Most of the time, I was at the Baccarat or Rolex tables observing people. What I noticed, was Rolex require skills, while Baccarat have a pattern to it (only sometimes). Nothing is pure luck, because luck is bullshit. Out of all games, Pai Gow is my favourite. I sucked at Blackjack, but I actually excel in Pai Gow. I won back twice my base money. *Pats on the back* Totally surprise everyone and myself. Can't believe I am saying this, but I can't wait to for my next visit to the casino.