Hwa Par Villa

Sunday, November 29, 2015
 Wasn't really keen to visit this place but I tagged along since my friend really wanted to explore it. I think Haw Par Villa is more well known to the older generations, even a 90s kid like myself don't know much about it. All I could recall was being really afraid when my parents brought me about twenty years back. Fast forward to the present, this place no longer scares me but the whole concept of this so-called theme park is still a mystery to me. Everything's creepily weird- statues, paintings and dioramas have expressions that are in pain, anger, confused, or in a daze. Basically having conflicting emotions between torturing and blissfulness, nothing pleasant at all. To be honest, it's dilapidated, badly maintain. Humid, practically a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Before there's a train station right at the entrance, the place was so inaccessible. Which explains why the number of visitors increases over the years, amongst them tourists and foreigners. I suppose it's an iconic place for Singapore and the founder (Tiger Balm's founder) was generous to open up to the public free of charge. My mind was like, "This guy's so freaking rich he owns a huge land in Singapore but does nothing to reap profits". Please don't bring young children there, nothing educational or historical stuff to teach. Unless, of course, you're a really traditional and religious Chinese, the place will be fascinating for you. But really, don't let the gruesome image and ideas (18 level of hell) haunt the little ones.