Why I Am Quitting Social Media

Friday, November 06, 2015
Days when you realise how much social media has taken up your time and can't help but to feel overwhelmed from it. Not only are they a distraction, they also have the ability to control you; how you act, react, and behave. Splitting up the 'real' you from the 'perfect' you that strive to portray only the 'perfect' life that you want others to believe in, or perhaps, is something you wish to believe it the truth as well. In the past, won't memories just memories stored in our heads? Now it's more about capturing, storing, and sharing with the whole world through the vast internet. Numbers became more than just numbers. Allowing others to invade into our privacy and personal life. Stop judging people for stalking because you gave them the opportunity to do so. Human nature to be curious and internet just makes it easier for you and me. A disease that is slowly poisoning your mind. Ask yourself this, does social media really improve the relationship with friends, family, or love ones? To me, it does not. What a disappointment of a friend you are if you have to use the means of the various platforms to find out about them. Pathetic. All these social platforms that aims to connect us are actually driving us further apart. No more phone calls, no more meet ups. Does a message really suffice to maintain the relationship?

With that said, I am bidding goodbyes to all these platforms.

Till then.

P.s I will still continue to update this space!