Best Books I've Read in 2015

Thursday, December 17, 2015
Ever since I got my kindle (back in 2012), I officially became a bookworm.  Best investment for anyone who loves to read and have OCD (hate touching paper) like myself. I know all the book lovers out there will be like, "No! I prefer the smell, look, and touch of an actual book!". Alright, you can have it your way, but don't ignore the facts that it's compact(holds up to 5000 books), light, and has a built-in screen light. Due to the convenience, I've read more books within three years than I had in my entire life. I actually reached my goal of completing fifty books a year. And out of all those books, a few really captivates my attention and I will share them with you, from my most favourite to the least.


 The high ratings and recommendations from so many got me interested. I kept it on my to-read list for awhile and when I finally took the time to read, I can't stop. By far my favourite book because the storyline was so amazing. Basically, the plot happens in the year 2050, where everyone is deeply immersed in a virtual utopia world, OASIS. The story revolved around a bunch of teenagers who were obsessed with winning the OASIS's treasure hunt, involving stuff and games(e.g. Pacman, Donkey Kong) from the eighties. The story has a combination of both the real and virtual world and comprises so many different genres; romance, mystery, friendship, violence and more. A perfect book that goes beyond a typical fiction novel.


 Purposely read this book before watching the film and I am really glad I did. For those who have watched the film should know how good it was and then multiply it by at least ten times for the book. The film missed out on several parts, which I felt should be included. Isn't the sandstorm like one of the critical scene? Additionally, the book was more detailed, in-depth, interesting and provide a better explanation for all the scientific terms. Even for Mark, originally written as a charismatic and an optimistic person, the character portrayed in the film seems to be lacking in quality. Even though it's a rather thick book to read, it's not long-winded but rather engaging. Feels as though you are going through the setbacks and obstacles with Mark and the joyous moment when he finally got rescued. Literally tears of joy. If you love sci-fi stories, this book won't disappoint you.


Probably the only non-fiction book I've read this year (is that pathetic?). Teaches the difference between liabilities and assets, as well as the basic concept of saving and investing. Think of it as a wake-up call or a reality check for people who are struggling or are unaware of their financial status, especially beneficial for young adults.


When I just started reading the book, I was a bit skeptical since the characters were all children and I assume it will not be interesting, but I was wrong. I want the story to be recreated onto the big screen so badly because it reminds me so much about Nanny Mcphee. As the story grows, it became more interesting with twists of events. Written as a trilogy, I only completed the first two books and the third book was recently release back in September, so now's the best time to finish up this.


This is the first book that actually caused me to feel frighten, it amazed me how it managed to spook me. Totally didn't expect it to be an unnerving book to read, as though it's haunting me from the inside out (love it). The story has a combination of two different plots, where they fit so nicely together and form this incredible book. A good written version of a horror film that requires you to think and anticipate what's really going on or what exactly happened. A great mystery and thriller book, personally feel that it's better than a Stephen King book and this says a lot.

So these are the top 5 books I've read and recommend to everyone. To find out more information for each one of them, google them up or simply head over to Goodreads, I've written a more detail review for each one of them. If you do have an account, add me up as a friend. I would love to know what types of books you enjoy reading.

Till then.