Healthy Gingerbread Man Cookies | Vegan Recipe

Sunday, December 06, 2015
Don't you think cut-out cookies are adorable? There are so many designs to choose from, not forgetting the numerous ways to decorate them. I picked two cutters- gingerbread man (obviously!) and elephant. I adapted this recipe from Deliciously Ella- she's really great, super chill and monotone, with a little twerked of my own. Did I mentioned it's vegan?! We all know how the whole idea of going vegan is getting more popular around the world, so a recipe like this, will be great for all to try.

I had an easy time doing this. All I had to do was to add all the ingredients into a bowl and mix it. Simple! Rolling and cutting the dough were so much fun! I cut the recipe in half to make a smaller batch of dough, replaced the coconut oil with apple sauce, and omitted pecans. As for the icing, I cheated and draw them on digitally instead. Much easier and they look better. Anyhow, a perfect gift for the festive season, yummy and healthy.