The White Rabbit - Modern European Classics

Sunday, December 27, 2015
The White Rabbit | 39C Harding Road, 249541 | +65 9721 0536

Previously a chapel, White Rabbit kept the original architecture of the building, retaining its charm and rustic beauty. Not the most accessible cafe, either a long walk from the bus stop or drive in by personal vehicle or cab (advisable!). Upon walking in, you are greeting by the sight of a spacious and clean interior. Windows and stained glass are intricate in design, colourful and detailed. Dining in a chapel instantly makes the whole experience to be more romantic. *Mind wandering off about holding a ceremony here* The unrestricted backyard/garden is perfect to hold an outdoor wedding, follow by a indoor reception  Ok, enough of the cheesy talk and let's move on to food. 

Ordered the three-course set lunch ($42++)- an appetiser, main course and dessert, since there's a 1-for-1 deal going on. I can't remember much about how the food taste since it was more than three months ago (sorry, super backdated post!), all I could recall was the desserts taste really awful. Fantastic atmosphere (the toilets is mad chio too!) but so-so food.