Singapore Zoological Gardens

Saturday, January 16, 2016
Sometime last year, last month I visited the zoo. Exploring places I never been before, admiring elephants and seeing a new animal for the first time, the koala bear. The poor creatures look so lonely and sad inside the smelly air-conditioned room, with dozens of people snapping at it. 

Did you know animals are treated the way they are to satisfy our (humans) appetite, entertainment and curiosity? Think about the ways animals are slaughtered for food, skinned alive for branded goods, trained for performances, experimented for beauty products, and tortured for medical research. The list goes on and on! I am not here to promote anything other than to raise awareness of what we have done to them. Here's a documentary called 'Earthlings', showcasing the different aspects of how animals are being treated for human gain. It brought tears to my eyes. Whether you decided to remain as an omnivore, convert to vegetarian or vegan, or join an animal's rights group, it's your choice. Watching the documentary gave me a whole new perspective on what I actually contributed to their suffering and I want to do something about it. Spreading the message hoping that the documentary touched some of your hearts as well and made you think twice about what you put into or onto your body.

Till then.