Daily Juice Singapore 3-Day Detox Juice Cleanse

Sunday, February 28, 2016
I love juices, especially freshly squeezed carrot juice, which I used to drink (and eat) so often, my skin began looking orangey. #truestory With the "Eat Clean" & "Detox" fad going around, juice cleansing seems to be taking over the world a bottle at a time. I, of course, do not want to lose out and decided to join the hype. Typically, juice cleanse comes in one-, three-, or five-day cleanse. I pick the 1-2-3 Cleanse from Daily Juice for a better measure, cost me $164 (including delivery fee) for eighteen 530ml bottles. There goes my money. Sigh. Favourite bottles were B.Smooth, Peppermint and White Rabbit. The rest were drinkable, just not to my liking since they all consist of either ginger or turmeric.

Beet • Carrot • Ginger • Lemon • Green Apple
Spinach • Romaine • Lemon •  Cucumber • Ginger • Pasley • Green Apple
Mixed Berries • Banana • Yogurt • Chia Seeds • Green Apple
Sup Doc
Carrot • Pineapple • Orange • Lemon • Tumeric
Pineapple • Apple • Mint
White Rabbit
Almonds • Himalayans Pink Salt • Dates • Vanilla • Alkaline H20

After enduring the three days of only drinking these bottles, I've concluded that juicing is a gimmick, or, at least, these ones are. Two out of six bottles were above a thousand calories, drinking just one alone is equivalent to one my day calories intake. Unbelievable.  I thought they are supposed to make your body better, both internally and externally. However, I feel and looked the same. Meh.

Would I try juicing again? Probably not, unless it's sponsored or I have extra cash laying around.

Till then.