Future World: Where Art Meets Science

Monday, July 11, 2016
Trying to keep my blog alive by forcing myself to complete this backdated (three months late) post today. Most of us should be aware that Art Science Museum provides one of the best exhibitions in Singapore, from the beautifully decorated gallery to the awesome displays, the place is just mindblowing. Once again, its latest exhibition, Future World, proven this point. I love everything about it. From the ambience to the graphics and the activities, it has got to be the best exhibition I've been to for this year. Unfortunately, I lost most of the images, thus, the lack of photos. Oh well, shit happens but at least the memories are still vivid in my head. Reliving your childhood, drawing penises, going down the slide, jumping on the animated hopscotch, and walking through Crystal Universal were so enjoyable that I squeal like a kid most of the time. Catch a short 15 seconds video here, which was filmed by Nizam. Future World is a permanent exhibition at Art Science Museum for the at least the next three years, head over if you haven't.