Smith Marine: Singapore's 1st Kelong Restaurant

Sunday, July 31, 2016
One of the perks of working in a media line is getting complimentary food. Doing your work while enjoying good food are literally the best of both worlds, right? I mean, who can really reject food. Definitely not me. Moving on, the day began with the team embarking on a bumboat ride to Smith Marine: a kelong restaurant right in the middle of Singapore and Puala Ubin. Upon reaching, we are greeted by the most friendly manager, Ms. Jessie, who happens to be our host of the day. She's probably the best host any guest can hope for; from her cheery attitude to descriptive explanation and a full tour of the place. Aside from enduring the heat from the fish catching, the place was cooled down with gigantic fans. Presented with a spread of ten dishes, we filled our tummies with crustaceans goodness. Just the thoughts of it make my mouth salivate. Once satisfied, we headed to the well-equipped backyard to spent the rest of our afternoon; chilling, playing games, and slacking on swing chair and hammock were fantastic.

If you're interested for a more virtual outlook of the place, catch this video; filmed and edited by my lovely friend, Nizzam! Watching the video made me feel like such a bimbo because somehow, my snapchat moments will always be caught on camera. Anyhow, spot me at the end of the video doing my usual annoying nuisance of popping up infront of a camera.