Fisheye III

Tuesday, August 16, 2016
The down side of using a film camera is that is requires a longer time to actually see the images. This roll of film has been with me since a year ago—took me ages but I finally finished it so let's get started, shall we? In sequential order, I will be penning down caption for each photo.

A trip down to Gelyang Serai Night Bazaar dressed in couple tops. Went back to TP for the amazing western food. Finally a meet up with my bunch of secondary friends. A healthy and active cycling trip at Pulua Ubin, where the quarry will always be my favourite scenery. The long awaited house warming that comes with a round of mahjong and ridiculous Taiwanness drama. Simple brunch session with my favourite fishes. Farewell dinner for all of us from HQ. A rock climbing session that wasn't productive at all because admiring the professionals were much more enjoyable. Tacos for dinner with people who shared the same love for writing. First time trying out vegetarian Korean steamboat, followed by an impromptu clubbing session. Lunch with my favorite girls and spot the one who inspired me to be more serious in my religion.