Universal Studios Singapore III

Wednesday, August 31, 2016
The one place on this tiny red dot that seems surreal is at Universal Studio. The entire concept of the theme park is designed in a way to take your mind off things and just enjoy having fun. Taking exhilarating rides get your body pumping with adrenaline is such an amazing way to destress yourself. If you're not adventurous enough, try whipping out your camera because other than the crazy crowd, the place is gorgeous. Otherwise, chow down on churros or turkey leg. Anyhow, kind of sidetrack. I guess really miss writing with my perspective instead of paraphrasing. This was taking back in June? Everything feels similar except for the fact that I came with someone who is as timid as a rat, which means I didn't get to ride the Cyclone at all. Bummer. However, I took Puss in Boots for the first time and I love it. The thing about kiddy rides is how they make you happy for no apparent reason. After a  short day at the park, it was dinner follow by a staycation at Hotel Micheal.