iLight Marina Bay 2017

Friday, April 14, 2017
In recent years, the art industry has caught the eyes of many organisations and institutions. The rising trend resulted in various events showcasing the creative side of Singapore and its people. iLight Marina Bay was the latest festive held last month, which features a series of light installations created by both international and local artists. Inspired by everything from sea to space, the 20 exhibitions take center stage at waterfront promenade along with a giant inflatable playground and a theme park. 

Surprisedly, I managed to walk the entire trail. I wasn't new to the light festival but I felt something was missing this year. Is it just me or did the organiser focuses more on the attractions than the exhibitions themselves? I found the artworks less appealing. Not that I'm complaining because I really enjoyed one of the rides–the spinning cage. Standing in the cage with my back against the grills, I was unimpressed with the safety protection–a basic chain across the chest. Fortunately, the momentum was fast enough to prevent the riders from falling forward so I suppose the pathetic chain suffices as a safety gear. The ride was long, though. Perhaps too long, people with motion sickness will definitely experience dizziness afterwards. Anyhow, it's nice to see such festivals in Singapore. Whether you fancy the light installations or not, art events provide the opportunities for you to explore new areas of life and bring out the creativeness within.