One Of Those Nights | #ThoughtPost

Thursday, September 28, 2017
Lying in bed with my eyes staring up the ceiling
Unexplainable feelings run through me.
Drowning me in sadness, despair and maybe hunger 
Caused by someone who can never be erased.

A past tense 
Who still lingers in the present
Creeping its way back into my life
While haunting me with never-ending thoughts.

Why can't I move on?
Forgetting the pain and agony has proved to be a challenge
One of these days I believe I will
Not so much of how, but why 

The past year was not easy
Through time, at least 
The wounds eventually heal 
Because as the saying goes, 'life goes on'. 

I live by that.
Hoping maybe someday
I will find the missing puzzle piece. 
Only time will tell.