Bangkok Trip | Thailand

Monday, November 13, 2017
One of the biggest setbacks from this trip was the fact that I brought along the wrong lens. Thinking that I would be walking around the entire day, having a backpack seems to be the better choice. And, the only one I have on hand is on the tiny side. So, I brought along my smaller, prime lens, which can only be used it for close up shots. Thus, the lack of photos.

Anyhow, it was a short 3 days and 3 nights trip. I didn't enjoy my flight on AirAsia; it sucks, nor did I enjoy Bangkok. While many say it's a shopping and food paradise, the city is just a different version of Singapore; hot and humid. Would I return? Yes and no. I am definitely in favour of exploring the other areas of Thailand, preferably Chang Mai, but I'm not going back Bangkok anytime soon. I guess city life ain't cut out for me. I'm thankful to my companion for planning this entire trip! I literally just tag along like a blind puppy. Thank you, again!