Flower Arrangement Workshop | A Better Florist

Sunday, November 26, 2017
Have you ever really taken the time to look at a flower arrangement? There’s so much care, skill, effort and love that goes into a floral design. I’m a big fan of flowers. The joy of receiving a bouquet or just simply having them around you is unexplainable. When it comes to photography, flowers are certainly one of the best props that add colours and life into the picture. 

I’ve the privilege to attend a flower arrangement workshop organised by A Better Florist and it was an eye-opener for first-timers like myself. Greeted by a friendly face, we were given clear instructions on how to create a bouquet from scratch. From the flowers to fillers, we get creative and down to business. Some of the flowers we worked with included carnations, roses, ruscus and forget me not. Throughout the lesson, Instructor Charmaine was helpful and encouraging. She took time to go to each student and patiently gave us feedback on how we can improve. Everyone takes their own spin on Charmaine’s instructions and the finished products, albeit not perfect, are always impressive. Despite working with the same flowers, it’s fascinating how each one of us came up with different and unique designs. 

Floral arranging is a definite skill and it’s crazy to see how one small tip or trick can dramatically alter the bouquet. At the end of the lesson, I’m in no way an expert but the workshop has taught me a lot! From cutting the stems the right way to keeping the flowers longer and fresher, all these are extremely helpful information. 

If you’re looking for a wallet-friendly flower arrangement class, head over to A Better Florist, where you can learn the art of floral design. Each workshop costs $40 and you will bring home a beautifully wrapped bouquet and a head full of useful tips and tricks.